1. Death & The Deathless.  Original 24″ x 18″ dharmic oil painting on 1.5″-thick canvas.  No matter the philosophy, meditations or creed we accept to live/not live by, our only certainty to face is the duty to Death; thus, to converse candidly with it can only be of benefit to our brief, beating bodies.  Accepting this eventual passing – rot and all – of everything loved makes us as wise as a player who has the eyes of pearls, as agile as the golden fish in their oceanic universe, and as stedfast as muddy roots blossoming into lotuses above the murky surface.

  2. Camou.  Original 33” x 11.5” oil painting on 1/4”-thick hardboard. A thin coat of white acrylic and mineral spirit mixture was applied to the hardboard as a base. Each line of colored paint was added individually and a stencil of a youthful boy created the implied silhouette in the center of the painting. The stencil was kept on only until the completion of the painting’s colored lines.

  3. Fruit Salad. Original 18” x 23” monoprint on archival paper. Various inks were sandwiched within a sheet of wax paper then opened before run through the printing press as a stamp. A spontaneous Rorschach-like blast of color ensued.

  4. Felt Mountain. Original 30” x 10” surreal landscape painting with acrylics on canvas.

  5. Floored.  Original 16″ x 12″ still life oil painting on 1/4″-thick hardboard.

  6. By Your Side.  Original 30” x 18” collographic print on archival paper.  The initial layer features a vibrant yellow color laid atop an imprint of bubblewrap and cotton fabric scraps.  Additional biomorphic shapes were stenciled, inked and pressed individually.

  7. The Feel.  Original 16” x 12” oil still life painting on 1/4”-thick hardboard.

  8. Lying Woman.  Original 33” x 40” portrait with charcoal on paper. 30-minute sketch of live figure.

  9. Chrysanthemum.  Original 30” x 17” collographic print on archival paper in 3 separate layers - the first with pink ink laid on a bubble wrap impression; the second with orange ink over Xacto knife grooves; and the third with navy ink atop a dried glue wash applied with brush.

  10. To Transfer One’s Energies.  Original 17” x 17” screenprint on archival paper. 1 of 5 unique prints.  Penwork of labyrinthine mandala was applied to silkscreen via photo emulsion burning - the first layer with orange/purple ink and the second layer with black ink.